Airports addressing their CO2 emissions

Annual Report 2014 - 2015


Airports are busy places, with all the features of small town in many cases. How do you begin to address carbon management in such a complex space? We identified 4 stages and built our programme, Airport Carbon Accreditation around them, so that progress would be visible and measurable. Click on the 4 sections below to see what each stage means and which airports are at it.


There’s a saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. The first level of Airport Carbon Accreditation – Mapping is all about airports setting out and mapping the carbon emissions on their site and in particular, the ones over which they have control.

In the past year

121 airports

have mapped their carbon footprints

Which airports have mapped their carbon footprints?
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The ‘Reduction’ level is for airports who have proven that they have reduced their carbon emissions.

In the past year

96 airports

airports have actively reduced the CO2 emissions under their direct control Which airports have reduced their carbon footprints?
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Airports are the ‘Optimisation’ level have proven that they have reduced their CO2 emissions and engaged other companies (airlines, retailers, air traffic controllers, ground handlers, etc) on the airport site to do likewise.


Airports at the ‘Neutrality’ level are carbon neutral – but to achieve this level, they have actively reduced their carbon footprint, engaged others on the airport site to do the same and offset any residual CO2 emissions under their direct control.


Airports at the ‘Transformation’ level have proven that they have formulated a long-term, absolute emissions reduction target, aligned with the 1.5°C pathway or the 2°C pathway outlined by the Intergovernmental Panal on Climate Change (IPCC). They also need to define the steps to achieve this target and the interim milestones to measure its progress. Last but not least, these airports need to demonstrate evidence of actively driving third parties towards delivering emissions reductions.



has achieved this level so far. Congratulations to the trailblazer airport!

Which airport operators have aligned their carbon management with global climate goals?

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Airports at the ‘Transition’ level have fulfilled all the requirements of level 4+ ‘Transformation’. On top of this very advanced carbon management strategy and implementation, these airports have also chosen to compensate for their residual CO2 emissions with carbon credits of the highest quality. Their compensation remit has also been extended to include more CO2 sources at the airport site.