Airports addressing their CO2 emissions

Annual Report 2014 - 2015

New arrivals

Since its launch in 2009, with each successive year, more and more airports have been getting involved in the airport industry’s collective effort to lower its carbon footprint. Every year, more airports apply to become Airport Carbon Accredited and many already within the programme, want to go to the next stage in their carbon management activities.

Here below are logos of airports which became Airport Carbon Accredited most recently.

Advancing airports

  • 19

    airports that advanced from
    ‘Mapping’ to ‘Reduction’

  • 6

    airports that advanced from
    ‘Reduction’ to ‘Optimisation’

  • 11

    airports that advanced from
    ‘Optimisation’ to ‘Neutrality’

Among the airports already active within Airport Carbon Accreditation, this year also saw an unprecedented number of them raise the ambitions and achievements of their activities to address their CO2 emissions. As a result, they have succeeded in advancing to the next stage of CO2 management. Numbers above show you the upgrades in Year 9 of the programme. Check out the logos below to find out which airports achieved higher levels of the programme most recently.