Airports addressing their CO2 emissions

Annual Report 2014 - 2015

What do verifiers do?

Independent third party verification is a crucial part of Airport Carbon Accreditation. No airport operator regardless of their size, their location, or how they approach carbon management can become certified at any level of the programme without first having the details of their application fully approved by an independent verifier. After that, the verified application is then sent to the independent administrator of the programme, WSP.

There are now 146 independent verifiers
in 43 countries across the world.

Independent verifiers can be recognised by this logo

  • “One of the things that makes Airport Carbon Accreditation so robust is the thoroughness that’s built into the programme. The role of independent verifiers is to ensure that an airport applying to become accredited can produce clear evidence of everything they detail in their application. This means that each application or renewal has to pass muster with the verifier AND with the programme administrator – a double seal that ensures the credibility of the programme.” – Simon Clouston, Director, WSP

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